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Eco designers



Wool & Prince


Photo Courtesy of Wool & Prince


Would you believe me, if I told you that you could go 100 days without washing your favorite shirt? Imagine 100 days of no washing, cleaning, steaming, or dry cleaning. The question is, would I believe me? Well, up and coming menswear company Wool & Prince is making this claim, and I am dying to put it to the test!


Photo Courtesy of Wool & Prince

Wool & Prince, the Brooklyn based company, has garments that block odor naturally. The secret isn’t a chemical, but the fabric itself. The brand uses a developed CottonSoft wool fabric. Their test found that wool is 6 times more durable than cotton plus it naturally fights wrinkles and odors. Wool fabric is getting a face lift, not only is it hygienic, it’s lightweight, comfortable, and breathable. Wool is more versatile than most people think.


Photo Courtesy of Wool & Prince

Founder and brand ambassador, Mac Bishop, set out with his team to make a better button down. He wanted the same qualities that men loved about blue jeans and wanted to apply the coolness and green concept to the button down. Mac was so passionate about his dream, that he quit his corporate job. Check out the link below to hear the hilarious conversation he had with his parents announcing his decision.

All jokes aside, think of the environmental impact that this brand will have. It’s great to laugh about not washing your clothes, but going 100 days without washing clothes saves water, energy, and helps prevent consumer waste.

Photo Courtesy of Wool & Prince

The market is definitely reacting to the new fashion blood, and eco-friendly concept. Wool & Prince had a 30-day funding goal of $30,000 and has met the goal! People are still trying to pledge their support and get their hands on the latest and greatest company to emerge on the menswear scene. The men better watch out though, the items are becoming popular fast and women are calling for a women’s wear line. I see bright things in this company’s future, and we at GEOF support Wool & Prince!

Check out their website at www.woolandprince.com


Article by Jared Johnson





Cozy Green Comfort 


cozy green comfort

Warm, bright, and sunny summer days are officially over here on the East Coast. Fall has come, and in full force! The northeast has already had its first snow; so that means, it is time to pull out your favorite knitwear and embrace the cooler climate and coming icy blasts. 

Hopefully you can warm up with Souchi by Suzi Johnson. Her line has amazing eco-conscious sweaters, hats, skirts, and accessories

that are perfect for the season. The knits are handmade with organic and natural fibers. Suzi Johnson also picks her yarns at the finest most reputable mills in the world.

Adding Souchi to your wardrobe isn't hard either. The pieces are totally versatile and interchangeable. You can dress them up or dress them down. The prices range from $78 to $1,050 and are available at www.souchi.com.

Guys, don't worry you aren't being left out in the cold. There are plenty of eco-friendly choices for you as well. Check out this stunning overcoat by Vaute Couture.


cozy green comfort


The single-breasted Joaquin overcoat by Vaute Couture is made from a recyclable vegan shell, and zero-waste recycled satin. How fabulous is that?! 

For those who aren't looking to spend any money, you can always wear what is in your closet. Just make sure to wear a plain, simplistic knit and pair it with in season accessories, taking your last year look, to a this season ensemble. Also, don't forget to dig in those attics and check out second-hand shops. Vintage is always in style. Just make sure it is actually vintage with style, and not a cheap mess (just saying).

Article by Jared Johnson


Designer Spotlight

Lia Griffith



Lia Griffith

There are many products made from recycled paper. Let’s see, there are coffee filters, shoe boxes, insulation, egg cartons, and even baby diapers. Well add couture gowns to that list!

Lia Griffith has always had an obsession with paper, and fashion, and has found a way to unite her two loves. As Creative Designer for Ellinee Design House, she creates couture dresses using her favorite medium, paper. But her work isn’t kid stuff. Her work is commissioned for weddings, holiday parties, and fashion editorials. In fact, Xerox was the first company to ask Griffith to make a high fashion piece out of recycled Xerox prints, and she’s been in high demand ever sense.


Papier Couture

Griffith’s paper made gowns are considered “wearable art,” and I completely agree. To the naked eye, her creations seem to be created from some fabulous new age fabric that’s perfect for modern constructive pieces.

She’d be a shoe-in for a paper dress challenge on Project Runway, but on a more serious note, Lia Griffith is in her own way helping the planet. Recycling paper reduces greenhouse gas emissions, saves landfill space, and reduces energy and water consumption, and many other things.

Now I am aware that everyone may not be as fashionably creative as Lia, when it comes to recycling. But always remember to make going green fit into your own personal lifestyle. Fashionistas, you can always recycle your old fashion magazines, carpool to Neiman Marcus, even share outfits or wear the same ensemble for an entire week…just kidding on that last one!

Every little bit counts, and Lia Griffith proves that our trash is her fashion gold. To check out her designs visit http://www.papier-couture.com/. Omg how amazing is the dress below?! I am so drooling on this keyboard…ok time to find some baby wipes. 
Article by Jared Johnson
Photo Courtesy of LiaGriffith.com



Michael Cinco

Michael Cinco

Cinco is the Spanish word for five, but Michael Cinco is Filipino for F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S!

The eco-friendly designer took center stage on the latest season of America’s Next Top Model, with gorgeous eco-friendly couture. The gowns seen above and below, and others, were made from recycled materials. Safety pins, rubber bands, broken mirrors, cellophane, garbage bags and old parachutes, were used by Michael Cinco to create huge and voluminous dresses. Who knew trash could turn into a couture treasure?

Cinco said that Tyra Banks loved the eco-couture collection he made for “ANTM." But Tyra isn’t his only fan. All the buzz surrounding his appearance on the show has added even more exposure to the talented designer, and has created a higher demand for the Filipino fashion designer’s creations.


Michael Cinco


Michael Cinco is also known around the world for his high-fashion wedding gowns, and has dressed numerous models and celebrities. To check out Cinco’s creations, check-out http://www.michaelcinco.com/.

The designer is based in Dubai, and was the first Filipino designer featured on the show. Let’s all give a standing-O to Mr. Cinco for making sustainability look so damn good! 

Article by Jared Johnson

Photos Courtesy of cwtv.com



30 Days and Counting


Nicholas K

Ladies, Gentlemen, and those in-between, New York Fashion Week is one month away!  In the spirit of solidarity, we must stop eating, start dieting, and of course start shopping! I am just kidding, but in all seriousness, what are you doing to prepare?

Festivities kick off September 8th with Nicholas K; a New York based Design Company founded by siblings Nicholas Kunz and Chris Kunz. The two are committed to providing sophisticated customers with modern classics, incorporating traditional quality and design with modern refinements and a downtown edge. Hopefully this season’s show will be a little smoother. Last season, at least one model fell on the runway, OUCH! But who am I kidding, any good fashionista lives to see a model fall on the runway. The model below was the poor girl to fall during the show finale walks.  If you want to see the fall, here is the link http://blogs.wsj.com/metropolis/2011/02/15/when-a-model-falls-kelly-cutrone-deals-with-disaster/

Naeem Khan

The Spring 2012 collections will end with designer Naeem Khan, who is no stranger to sustainability and charity.  Recently he devoted his time and designs to Holly Robinson Peete’s Annual Design Care for Parkinson’s Disease and Autism.  He has also done charity work in the past to benefit St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. His runway shows are among the most anticipated events of New York fashion week. Fashion lovers around the world can’t wait to see what this showman will do this year!

The Green Shows

But the big tent events are not the only things happening during Fashion Week. Be sure to check out The GreenShows NY Eco Fashion Week!  The green fashion campaign starts September 8th as well, but The GreenShows are offering fashion from a different point of view. TGS NY Eco Fashion Week is the top global event committed to presenting eco-friendly, ethically sound, modern fashion during New York Fashion Week. Past designers for the event have included: Ashton Michael Black Label (http://www.ashtonmichael.com/), Bright Young Things (http://www.youbrightyoungthings.com/), and Luis Valenzuela (http://www.luisvalenzuelausa.com/EcoArtFashion.html). According to TGS, “The GreenShows is helping to establish New York City as the world-wide destination for eco-conscious luxury fashion and culture, strengthening its already proven image as a green, progressive and trend-setting city.”

Being fashionable and green has definitely gotten easier during fashion week in The Big Apple!

Article by Jared Johnson
Photos: Courtesy of  http://www.thegreenshows.com/ and www.mbfashionweek.com


CPAS Hits the Ground Running with HOT Mens Fashion for SPring SUmmer 2011


Look 1 for CPAS S/S 2011


  Look 9 for CPAS S/S 2011


  Look 14 for CPAS S/S 2011

Photos courtesy of CPAS. Please visit http://www.collectionpas.com/collection.html to view more of the collection!    


Bodkin brings COMFORT to a WHole New LEVEL!!!


Bodkin S/S 2011







I am a SUCKER for a Pretty Dress...

Chakra Design Studio

Chakra Design Studio Spring 2011 Girls' IRIDESSA Pink Skirt

Chakra Design Studio Spring 2011 Girls' LAILA Ochre Dress

Chakra Design Studio Spring 2011 Girls' FIRA Pink Dress

Chakra Design Studio was brought to my attention by a recent newsletter from Gwyneth Paltrow's website, www.GOOP.com . I am a sucker for a pretty dress, especially for little girl dresses. I do not have one, YET!! But I have a beautiful Goddaughter, Noemi. I have plenty of friends with daughters as well!! Secretly, I will always be a little girl that loves to dress up and look pretty. Came out of the womb that way! I believe I will die that way! I just hope it is in a Couture Dress from the Elie Saab Spring 2011 Couture Collection. Let me show you my favorite one!

Elie Saab Spring 2011 Couture Collection Look 17Anyway, this is what I want to die in or at least a walk down the red carpet would do. I plan to die dancing as well. But away from the morbid talk and back to the beautiful childrens clothing by Chakra Design Studio.

Chakra Design Studio was founded by Bindu Kasinadhuni. Well educated, Bindu has a post graduate degree in textille design from the National Insitute of Design in Ahmedabad, India and a Masters degree in textile design from Philadelphia University. She lives in Dallas with her husband and her daughter, Neela. Just as my son inspired me, Neela inspired her to start Chakra Design Studio.

CDS is grounded in the Philosophy, "Better For The Earth, Better For Your Child". CDS represents beautifully styled, high quality garments that are responsibly manufactured. Each piece begins its manufacturing journey in a small coastal village in the southern part of India, where artisians weave beautiful, fabric and practice ancient techniques of Kalamkari dyeing and block printing. Then they are sewn by seamstresses employed by a non profit organization that trains under privileged Indian women in the art of sewing and needlework. CDS is committed to sending out positive energy to the world with each piece of clothing that they make. I love the clothing and their philosophy. CDS has designs for women and the home coming soon! So learn more at www.chakradesignstudio.com .

Photos of Childrens clothing and text Courtesy of http://www.chakradesignstudio.com/

Photo of Elie Saab dress Courtesy of www.style.com


Linda Loudermilk, Sees the Forest through the TREES with her SPRING 2011 Collection

My Favorties from Linda Loudermilk's Spring 2011

Photos courtesy of LindaLoudermilk.com. 

Key Trends For Autumn/Winter 2010


Lutz and Patmos


Strong Outerwear

Strong Outerwear


Grey, The Neutral

Grey, The Neutral



Feminine Knits

Feminine Chunky Knits


Stella McCartney

Bold Color and Embellishments

Bold Color and Embellishments


White After Labor Day

White After Labor Day


Minimal Sophistication

Minimal Sophistication


Organic by John Patrick



Mixed Patterns

Mixed Patterns





Camel Coat

Camel Coat


Cinched Waist

Cinched Waste



Pharrell Williams and Moncler


Pharrell Williams Collaborates with Moncler

Pharrell Williams has made millions dropping beats for artist such as, Snoop Dogg and Justin Timberlake. Now, Pharrell Williams partners with Moncler to bring an Eco Friendly line of Parkas. The Puffer Vest above is a part of his line for Autumn/Winter 2010. See more at www.moncler.com . He also co-owns "Bionic Yarn" with Japanese Artist Keita Sugiura. Bionic Yarn manufactures textiles out of recycled bottles. Check it out at www.bionicyarn.com !


Organic by John Patrick Spring 2010 Ready To Wear Collection

This is my favorite piece out of the whole collection. I love the use of color. The Bold print with blue, purple and fuchsia look fun and fresh for the upcoming warmer months. I can see this worn on its own, over denim cut-offs or white capris. This dress is young and fun…Where do I swipe?


Gayle McDonald-model, Organic by John Patrick Spring 2010 RTW Wear Collection
Photo Courtesy of www.style.com

Lipstick Jungle


As the Holidays approach and we look forward to warmer vacation destinations, don’t pack your suitcase until you visit Jungle Gurl Swimwear at www.junglegurl.com! Lipstick Chic meets Eco Jungle Edge when you put luxurious vintage fabrics together with beautiful swimwear designs at Jungle Gurl Swimwear. With her childhood spent in Fiji, Natalie Golonka creates a sense of freedom and eco-conscious awareness with every bikini she designs. Golonka, a former model, states, “I just want to help women love their bodies. , however, women don’t associate bikini shopping with a love-fest. But they should! Because buying a bikini symbolizes a certain freedom. It means you’re breaking the restraints and getting to the most beautiful you”! Now not everyone feels comfortable in a bikini, but if you do and love them like I do, make the eco-friendly choice and check out Jungle Gurl Swimwear at www.junglegurl.com!


Pleated Femininity, Bold Prints and Natural Neutrals: Stella McCartney’s Spring 2010 RTW line

Stella McCartney’s Spring 2010 RTW line just hit the runway in Paris, France on Monday, October 5th 2009. I was first greeted with Natural Neutrals that made it ok to look natural, forego heavy makeup and still feel chic. As a mother and wife, I want to always look good, but with little effort. This line makes feeling and looking beautiful easily attainable. After kissing your husband goodbye, getting your children on the bus and preparing for your day, easy beautiful dressing is key. Stella makes this possible! I love the neutral flowing prints with an echo of camouflage.

In this collection, Stella’s shoes are nothing more than genius. How about taking your comfy “Birks” and making them HOT by adding a high heel. Stella’s use of taking practical and turning it into fabulous is reflected in her beautiful sandals that come in an array of neutral and bold colors.

To follow the Neutrals, Stella gives Bold, Vibrant pleats and frills their due. The first thing I thought, when I saw the these gorgeous dresses and tops with the bold colors and detailed pleating, was that I could have a business meeting, chase after my five year old, eat a satisfying meal and hit a cocktail party all in one day without changing my outfit. Talk about comfortable glamour for the woman on the go. Hallelujah for a woman and mother like Stella McCartney that produces beautiful adaptable pieces for the woman that runs a family, a business and a demanding social life! I love it!!! You put on one of these dresses and you will feel you have it all under control, because when you LOOK good, you FEEL good!!! And isn’t that what it comes down too. Let’s keep it REAL!! We women are the backbone of our households. If we don’t FEEL good, the whole energy of our homes and workplace is affected. SO many thanks to Stella for helping to keep our energy up and our world moving in a positive direction!
My Favorite Details:


Urban Cocktail: Urban Luxury with an Organic Twist!

Ok Gentlemen! Next time you ask the bartender for another drink, try this cocktail on for size. C PAS Fall 2009 Ready to Wear collection is Tailor meets Street. The Jackets are fitted with a relaxed urban edge. The chunky Knitwear will keep you warm without touching your COOL! Designer, Pierre Andre Senizergues shows his new line with most of the models sporting sneakers. So forget the usual dress shoes guys. The old school, now new school, Adidas Stan Smiths are a cool way to roll and pull off this look! So check out the Fall 2009 collection at www.collectionpas.com !

Photos Courtesy of www.collectionpas.com

g.e.o.f. LOVES Stella’s Resort 2010 Collection!

Our FAVORITES….and it is not a short list… People!!!
Also CHECK OUT her GREEN HOT Organic collection at www.stellamccartney.com!


Linda Loudermilk Fall 2009 Collection

HOORAY!! Linda Loudermilk’s new Fall 2009 Ready to Wear collection is ready to be viewed at www.lindaloudermilk.com! Feminine Skirts, Tailored Jackets, Edgy Coats, 40s inspired Dresses, Chic Shirts! Don’t think shorts art done with the cool autumn breezes at our backs! Put a pair of leggings under those shorts and you can rock them for another season!

Photos courtesy of www.lindaloudermilk.com

Favorite Picks of Lara Miller Fall 2009 Ready to Wear

Love the Blue and Green Dress

Feminine and Edgy!

Love this beige sweater!


Using local seamstresses in South America, Helen Hoppock is the founder of Helen De Natalio. Bred in San Francisco Bay and moving to Buenos Aires, Helen brings Latin flair and ingenuity to her pieces. I love this bag for both the beauty and simplicity. To learn more about her collection, please go to www.helendenatalio.com!



John Patrick Organic Women’s Spring/Summer 2009


John Patrick Organic Women’s Spring/ Summer 2009 line has an ethereal essence. I love the femininity of this outfit. The detail and pleating make the most of the female form. Quite simply this is beautiful! To see more of this collection, Please visit, www.johnpatrickorganic.com!


Fall 2009 Preview: www.style.com




Natural And On Point

Pierre Andre Senizergues designs his saucy sophisticated menswear out of natural, recycled and sustainable materials. The suit is my husband’s pick! Of course I showed him the two I liked best and asked him to take his pick. With a full view of the collection he also picked the two Black tuxedos, Bless his heart!!! Personally, I thought the white suits were HOT! For a broader view of the collection, go to www.collectionpas.com!






Nantucket Nectar


Men can not be left out of the ECO fashion movement. There are designers like John Patrick that know men love to look good and want to feel good about what they wear, at the same time. I love the simple Nantucket elegance of his clothing. So look GOOD and wear CONSCIOUSLY! For more information on the collection, go to www.johnpatrickorganic.com !

ECO Sexy

With P I Organic, Jadie Kadletz has developed a beautiful line of wearable, sexy and organic clothing. The Spring 2009 line includes sophisticated everyday pieces and enticing lingerie. I believe the Scarf dress is the sexiest piece based on both simplicity and drape. To see more of her Spring 2009 collection, visit: www.piorganic.com!





Stella McCartney - A Woman Who Cares

In search for a skincare line that benefits your outward appearance as well as the environment, Stella McCartney ask, "Why shouldn't it be possible to adopt a more natural, organic lifestyle without foregoing luxury?". Isn't this the question we all ask ourselves, or atleast should? This exact sentiment was the basis of this website. It is also what inspired Stella McCartney to start her skincare line labeled CARE in 2007. Although the Stella McCartney brand was bought in 2001 by Gucci Group, she had laid the foundation for her success on fashion and eco consciousness long before.

With a love for fashion, Stella graduated from London's Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design in 1995. She was appointed the chief designer at the French ready-to-wear house, CHLOE in March of 1997. With continued success, Stella was recruited by Gucci Group to develop her own label in 2001. Now, she stands tall on her principals of eco-friendly, animal-friendly and human-friendly beauty and fashion. In November 2008, at the 12th annual ACE Awards, Stella was honored with the Accesories Council's first-ever Green Designer of the Year Award. It is examples such as this that will move the fashion industry in a more eco-friendly direction. With the launch of her skincare line CARE, we not only will look good but also feel good knowing that she promotes a brand the is geared towards the well being of our world community and all that it includes. Please explore Stella McCartney's skincare line CARE at www.stellamccartneycare.com.


Summer Collection 2009
Fall Collection 2009

video Watch the video at www.style.com

429 W 14th St
New York, NY 10014
(212) 255-1556



Linda Loudermilk

Corn!..... The New Silk?

When you hear the words Corn, Seaweed, Bamboo....maybe you think of Corn on the Cob, The Beach and Flooring as the first things that come to mind. But Linda Loudermilk ask you to expand your mind, your heart and soul by also considering Corn, Seaweed and Bamboo as the foundations of the most luxurious and eco-friendly fabrics in the world. Linda Loudermilk presents organic textiles that are woven from natural sources like bamboo, SeaCell® (seaweed) and Ingeo™ (corn). With her luxury eco™ clothing line, Linda Loudermilk's sumptuous and more-ish clothing  benefits the environment as well as our appearance. Years ago with an established name in fashion and showing her lines on Paris runways, you would think Linda was on top of the world of haute couture. However, it was the welfare of the world indeed that served as a catalyst for her own enlightenment and personal and professional growth as a designer. She states, “I was creating beauty, but beauty without soul.” After this internal shift, Linda decided to move from mere fashion design towards the incorporation of the well-being of our planet into each and every stitch.

She assertively researched eco-friendly fabric options of the highest quality with top scientists and fabric manufacturers. Linda became a pioneering force in eco chic fashion. With the debut of her first luxury eco™ clothing line, she received a standing ovation in her New York fashion show. Linda Loudermilk continues to stay on the cutting edge of passion and fashion with her low slung recycled denims and her innovatively tailored suits. Constantly pushing the envelope of possibilities, Linda Loudermilk has incorporated vintage European lace into her very modern eco chic designs. It was no shock to learn that Linda Loudermilk studied Shakespeare and costume design at Oxford University in England. As one of the founders of the Green Luxury movement, Linda's Loudermilk Institute of Sustainability can place its luxury eco™ Stamp of Approval for companies that provide green services and products of the highest quality and excellence. The luxury eco™ Stamp of Approval " is a message to the consumer that the products or services are not only eco-friendly – but also superior in luxury quality, design and craftsmanship". With her Spring/Summer 2009 line on its way, we can not wait to see what's next.

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